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"Practicing Family Law with Dignity and Respect in
Northern Kentucky for Over 32 Years"

M. Gayle Hoffman of The Hoffman Firm practices in many areas of law that might affect you, your family and extended family. These areas include dissolution of marriage or divorce and legal separation in Kenton, Boone, Campbell, Grant and Gallatin Counties in Kentucky; issues relating to custody, joint custody, shared custody, parenting time or visitation and supervised visitation where needed in Kenton, Boone, Campbell, Grant and Gallatin Counties in Kentucky; establishment and modification of child support in Kenton, Boone, Campbell, Grant and Gallatin Counties in Kentucky; dependency, neglect and abuse matters in juvenile court; adoption, both placing agency and step-parent or relative adoption as well as independent or placements not made by an agency; representations of parents voluntarily terminating their parental rights; and pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements.

In addition, M. Gayle Hoffman is experienced in preparing Wills and probating decedents’ estates, and representing parties with respect to other fiduciary responsibilities such as testamentary trusts or guardians, as well as Elder law. All of these affect Northern Kentucky families and The Hoffman Firm can assist you with them.

M. Gayle Hoffman of The Hoffman Firm keeps informed and up-to-date on current law in Kentucky and is trained in alternate dispute resolution methods, such as Collaborative Law and Mediation that give clients options that may allow for a less stressful and possibly out-of-court resolution to the problems they are facing. She has over 30 years of experience which enables her to advise clients of all options available to them. In addition, M. Gayle Hoffman strives to streamline document preparation and “digitalize” nearly all documents used in your case, email and cellular phones maintain good communication. Our office staff, a paralegal and bookkeeper-receptionist, are well educated, informed, polite, pleasant, and work with the M. Gayle Hoffman to move your case forward.

What makes M. Gayle Hoffman and staff of The Hoffman Firm special is that they want to get to know you and your case personally. They will all do their best to understand all issues and facts relative to your case while maintaining confidentiality. They will communicate with you in “plain English” and educate you so you understand the law and you can be an active partner with them in the resolution of your case.

M. Gayle Hoffman of The Hoffman Firm manages her practice in an ethical, cost-effective manner to help you reach the goal you and your lawyer deem best with least expense possible. The firm utilizes current technology for documentation, fact finding and communication in an effort to offer every legal advantage available to their client. The priority of the firm’s lawyers is always doing a good job for you, and that priority has kept them in business collectively for over 60 years.

M. Gayle Hoffman and staff are also active in our community, serving as board members for local governmental social service agencies and providing pro bono legal assistance to persons in need, as members of local civic organizations and school groups. They care about the community because they are your neighbors and live here in the community.

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I serve the areas of Boone County, Campbell County, Gallatin County, Grant County and Kenton County, Kentucky and practice in Family Courts, Circuit Courts and District Courts regularly.

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