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Practice Areas

The primary focus of our firm is family law. We handle a full range of family law matters, including: divorce, separation, premarital agreements, adoption, paternity, and child custody and support. We also assist clients in probate, estate administration, estate planning, and elder law. We provide legal assistance for all of Northern Kentucky, helping clients from Kenton County, Boone County, Campbell County, Grant County, and Gallatin County.

Adoption Adoption is a specialized area of family law, and relatively few practitioners choose to enter into this realm of legal work. Adoption is the Hoffmans favorite area of the law, and their practice includes step-parent adoptions, agency placements, placements by the Cabinet for Health and Human Services, or private placements where they have represented either birth parents or adopting parents.

Custody and Visitation As part of a divorce proceeding or in a custody proceeding, the family court will make a determination as to parenting time, which parent will have custody of any minor children. The court or the parents can arrange custody, visitation and parenting time in a number of ways. It is important that the decree or agreement provides for all aspects and challenges of visitation, parenting time, and making decisions for the children and custody.

Child Support As part of a divorce or custody proceeding, the family court will often make a determination as to whether one of the parents will receive monetary contributions from the other parent for the care of the child or children of the parties. The child support amount, ordered by the court, can be amended at a later date if either parent petitions the court for such a change. We have years of experience dealing with both initial child support determinations and modifications of support after the divorce or custody determination.

Divorce/Dissolution of marriage You have a choice in the process used to end your marriage and The Hoffman Firm can advise you regarding all of those choices.

  • Litigation Litigation is an adversarial process where each party may have an attorney and the case may be ultimately resolved by a judge. The Hoffman Firm is well known for its lawyers expertise in dissolution of marriage/divorce law and property settlement.
  • Collaborative Process Collaborative law is a process where the parties and their attorneys work collaboratively to resolve all issues through one or more problem solving meetings. This requires a contractual commitment by the parties and counsel to resolve the case without going to court. M. Gayle Hoffman is trained and practices as a collaborative professional.
  • Mediation Mediation involves an objective third party assisting the husband and wife to resolve pending issues such as divorce/dissolution of marriage, custody, child support or parenting time. The parties may choose to be represented by counsel in this process, but it is not mandatory. M. Gayle Hoffman is highly trained and an effective mediator, or can represent you in your mediation process.

Other Family Law Issues The lawyers of The Hoffman Firm are qualified to represent you in the following matters as well:

  • Prenuptial and antenuptial agreements.
  • Grandparent visitation rights.
  • Emergency protective orders and domestic violence orders.
  • Division of property for cohabiting, unmarried couples.
  • Post divorce review of child support, modification of custody and enforcement of court orders.

Elder Law This is the area of law dealing with the elderly, including such broad issues as estate planning, retirement benefits, and healthcare planning.

Estate Planning We handle a variety of estate planning matters, including planning for the distribution of an individualís property at his or her death, and taking into account wills, taxes, insurance, property, and trusts so as to gain the maximum benefit of all laws, while, at the same time, carrying out the personís wishes.

Probate & Estate Administration Probate is the legal process by which a personís debts are paid and assets distributed upon his or her death. Estate administration includes the probate process as well as non-probate transfers of the assets of the deceased.

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I serve the areas of Boone County, Campbell County, Gallatin County, Grant County and Kenton County, Kentucky and practice in Family Courts, Circuit Courts and District Courts regularly.

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