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Documents To Bring For Your First Divorce Consultation

The following is a list of documents that are relevant to various property and support issues in divorce. They may or may not be required for your case. If the documents are available, bring them for your first appointment.

Agreements between the parties

Federal and state individual tax returns and worksheets last five years

Gift and inheritance tax returns

Current pay stubs for you and your spouse

Business tax returns (federal and state for closely held businesses)

Business records and employment agreements, particularly those related to ownership,

assets, liabilities, income, and expenses

Patents and copyrights

Information on pensions, 401k and IRAs (account statements, copies of plans) for you

and your spouse

Information on investments (account statements, stocks, bonds, limited partnership

agreements, reports on investments)

Real estate records, including deeds, leases, tax assessments, mortgage documents

and agreements

Net worth statements or loan applications

Resumes (current and those prepared before litigation was initiated)

Personal and business bank statements and canceled checks


Loan agreements for which client serves as guarantor

Safety deposit box and vault records that reflect payment of lease, location of box or

vault, and contents

Insurance records, including policies, applications, invoices, and correspondence

Medical and dental records

Charge account records

Records pertaining to cash expenditures

Receipts and invoices (by type or above a certain dollar amount)

Record of charitable contributions, including receipts, checks, correspondence, and


Family budgets (before and after the decision to divorce)

Record of education expenses (for parties or children), including tuition, room, board,

books, contracts, and loans

Record of household expenses for utilities, maintenance, improvements, repairs,

household help, and any other related costs

Travel records, including itineraries, tickets, passports, bills, receipts, photographs,

films, videos, brochures

Lists of personal property

Appraisals of real estate, business interests, and personal property

Court record of cases in which client, spouse, or closely held business is or has been a

party (including prior divorces)


Record of who has powers of attorney

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